elehealth had been gaining momentum in recent years, but the COVID-19 pandemic is propelling physician practices to quickly figure out how they can best use the technology to provide patients with care while practicing physical distancing.

There is good logic for remote care. A person with possible covid-19 symptoms usually presents with a dry cough and fever (other symptoms can be fatigue, difficulty in breathing, and loss of smell and taste). They can have a rapid “video visit” with a doctor or a nurse and avoid going to a clinic teeming with other people who are possibly infected, And they won’t be a risk to the medical professionals who might otherwise be exposed.

Another great reason for video visits is to continue regular visits between doctors and patients. There have been many non-essential surgeries and appointments cancelling in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Telehealth allows a way to continue connecting with patients. Orthopedic specialists at MoonlightOrtho can review x-rays and other medical imaging, review symptoms, and prescribe additional treatment as necessary.

Video visits are also more efficient, requiring fewer health-care workers to manage the consultation, freeing them to work on other tasks. The use of chatbots, or “doctor-less” screening—once they have been studied and shown to be effective—is another means of easing the load on clinicians. Patients concerned about symptoms can ask for guidance and the algorithmic system can respond with the most useful answers based on what worked best for others.

The pandemic may mean that we’ve already answered many questions and recognise our priorities. But we should take this opportunity to rebuild our readiness to this type of crisis and to those that lie in waiting, and effective telehealth is a tool that can help us prepare.  

In uncertain times, MoonlightOrtho’s orthopedic providers are still here, ready to assist you with your orthopedic questions. Contact us today to begin your Curbside Consult, New Patient Visit, Return Visit, 2nd Opinion, Post-Operative visit at MoonlightOrtho.com. Visits start at just $20 for a Curbside Consult!