As more cases of COVID-19 emerge throughout the United States, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is encouraging communities, including first responders, healthcare providers and health systems to take advantage of the benefits offered by telehealth tools to direct patients to the right level of care.

One obvious benefit of telemedicine is being able to still receive quality care from experts in the medical field. At MoonlightOrtho, we pride ourselves in providing the same (or better) high-quality care and advice from our orthopedic specialists that you would receive by going to the doctor’s office.

During the coronavirus pandemic, which causes an illness known as COVID-19, many healthcare providers are rescheduling elective procedures, and encouraging patients not to come into a healthcare facility unless absolutely necessary.

With asynchronous video, patients can log in to MoonlightOrtho any time and upload a brief video explaining where they are experiencing pain, what position makes it better or worse, etc. Once a patient uploads their self-video, along with a short medical questionnaire, a licensed Orthopedic Surgeon or Sports Medicine physician will review it and contact the patient about treatment options usually within one day. This all can be done without ever leaving your home!

Treatment at MoonlightOrtho may include: a referral to Physical Therapy, imaging such as an MRI or X-ray, lab testing and other diagnostic studies, or evaluation by sub-specialists such as a Neurologist or Rheumatologist. Our physicians may additionally write for prescription medications; and although we are an online practice, when surgery is indicated we will make the appropriate recommendations.

In uncertain times, MoonlightOrtho’s orthopedic providers are still here, ready to assist you with your orthopedic questions. Contact us today to begin your Curbside Consult, New Patient Visit, Return Visit, 2nd Opinion, Post-Operative visit at Visits start at just $20 for a Curbside Consult!