Medical imaging is an essential step in accurately diagnosing orthopedic pain or injury. While the technology used to create medical images is continuing to evolve, medical errors, and more commonly, an incorrect medical interpretation of your x-ray can still occur. Before deciding on a course of treatment, a patient should sometimes consider a second-opinion consultation. 

Second opinions are much less expensive than further tests, treatment, or surgeries, so many insurance companies have an incentive to allow – and even encourage – second opinions. 

Benefits of a Second Opinion on an Orthopedic Imaging Study

  • Confirm accuracy of diagnosis and treatment recommendations
  • Reduce the risk of misdiagnosis by allowing another specialist or a team to evaluate the radiology repot and treatment recommendations
  • If symptoms persist, a second opinion can provide clarity
  • Resolve conflicting diagnosis
  • Can help detect minor or major errors from the initial diagnosis
  • Allows physicians to determine the right plan of action for the patient
  • Puts the patient’s mind at ease

How to Get a Second Opinion

An online orthopedic telehealth and telemedicine platform, like MoonlightOrtho, can give you an unbiased second-opinion of your MRI, X-Ray, or other diagnostic study. 

Get a Second Opinion On Your X-Ray At MoonlightOrtho

While second opinions help doctors provide the best possible care, patients can also greatly benefit from asking for a second opinion. Even if a consulting orthopedic surgeon confirms a patients’ original diagnosis, the patient may feel more comfortable knowing that their individual health condition is being properly assessed by multiple specialists.

With MoonlightOrtho, patients can upload the study report to the portal and it is routed to an experienced Musculoskeletal Provider/Orthopedic Surgeon who interprets it, typically within a few hours. Patients can get answers fast which can help guide treatment moving forward. In addition to patients, referring physicians and other Radiologists can use this service. In summary, an MRI exam is usually ordered to check for a serious medical problem. Getting an MRI second opinion of the results and treatment recommendations will help ensure an accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment.