Telehealth often refers to patient education resources, mobile apps, and other tools that engage people in their healthcare. Telemedicine is usually remote treatment by primary care providers or specialists. Telehealth may also refer to the sharing of digital images for a diagnosis, like x-rays and CT scans, and more.

MoonlightOrtho is the First and Only stand-alone, Orthopedic-specific telemedicine practice. We offer a user-friendly and all-inclusive telehealth “hub” for musculoskeletal care, including Orthopedics/Sports Medicne, Podietry, Physical Therapy, imaging (such as MRI and X-ray) durable medical equipment, (splints and braces), and even concierge surgery and medical tourism.

Telehealth makes treatment for acute and chronic conditions quick and easy. Consumers find telehealth valuable and convenient to have in the home. Here are just a few of the distinct benefits telehealth brings to patients and healthcare providers.

Patients Save Time and Money

A remote telemedicine visit with a MoonlightOrtho® provider can save the average patient significant time and money. An Orthopedic telemedicine visit can be performed at the convenience of the patient, including after hours, nights and weekends. It can sometimes take 4-6 weeks to get in to see a busy, private practice Orthopedic Surgeon, but with MoonlightOrtho you may be able to see that same surgeon within 24-36 hours (or same day with a Concierge Visit).

Video Conferencing

Clinicians at MoonlightOrtho are conquering distance and providing access to patients who are not able to travel by providing appointments utilizing Asynchronous Video Telecommunication platforms.

With Asynchronous Video Telecommunication patients are able to upload a short, two-minute self video to their medical chart at their leisure. Video not only makes the telemedicine experience more personal, but it allows patients to explain their symptoms in great detail; as two minutes can be a significant amount of time, when uninterrupted. The video is later reviewed, along with the patient’s medical questionnaire, by your MoonlightOrtho provider.

Patients Can Regain Control of Their Health

With telehealth technologies, patients are taking more control of their well-being. Educational videos, health management apps, and online health learning empowers patients to manage both chronic and acute conditions with the guidance of a licensed Orthopedic Specialist.

Get Orthopedic Advice & Treatment Online Today

MoonlightOrtho is dedicated to providing excellent care to our patients – even on evenings, weekends, and holidays. Whether you are looking for a referral/Doctors order for: Physical Therapy, imaging such as MRI or X-ray, lab testing and other diagnostic studies, or evaluation by another sub-specialist such as a Neurologist or Rheumatologist, our licensed Orthopedic Doctors are ready to help assist you with your common orthopedic problems today at