Prostamol candlesProstamol candles – instructions for use: what is included in the composition of the drug, what should be the dosage and whether there are analogues
What is included in the composition and what should be the dosage of Prostamol candles – we will study the instructions for the use of the drug and find out – in what cases to use it and whether it has analogues.

How to use Prostamol candles: instructions for use

Prostamol Uno is an effective remedy of plant origin, used to relieve the symptoms that occur during inflammatory processes in the prostate gland. Phytopreparation active ingredients reduce puffiness, act as an anti-inflammatory agent, slow down the growth of the diseased organ. The most high-speed form – Prostamol candles.

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  • Drug action
  • Composition
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  • Application
  • Contraindications and side effects
  • Candles or capsules?
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Drug action

This is a painful disease: increasing, the prostate begins to squeeze the urethra, and urinating a man becomes problematic. At the same time urine flows sluggishly and intermittently. With the development of the disease, all urine does not come out of the bladder, stretching its walls.

To solve this problem, timely diagnosis is needed to determine the correct course of treatment, selected for each patient individually.

To combat this rather difficult pathology, the medical industry produces both chemical production means and products made from natural raw materials, in particular, biologically active additives. The most popular in recent years has won the herbal drug Prostamol Uno. It is made in the form of capsules and candles.

Phytopreparation is prescribed to patients with diagnosed benign prostatic hyperplasia in the first or in the second stages (at the third, according to the research, candles do not bring any significant benefits).

The supplement eliminates many of the symptoms of the disease (in particular, nocturnal pollakuriya – too frequent urination, pain and other negative manifestations), suppresses inflammatory processes, slows the progression of prostate adenoma.

Among urologists, there is no unanimous opinion about this tool. Some believe that it can be used as an independent treatment in the early stages of the disease, others are confident that only component in complex therapy.

The drug is available exclusively for men, not assigned to women, not used in children (strictly after 18 years).

Phytopreparation action:

  • reduces or eliminates swelling;
  • suspends the enlargement of the prostate gland;
  • in some cases leads to the disappearance of tension and pain when urinating;
  • there is a feeling of constant fullness of the bladder;
  • the narrowing of the bladder neck disappears and the volume of urine is normalized.

Significant reduction or elimination of symptoms is possible with Prostamol Uno. for at least four weeks.


affects sperm synthesis and testosterone levels.

Dwarf palm Sabal height of 2-4 m in the wild is distributed mainly in the southern and southeastern states of the United States, on the islands of the Caribbean.

Prostamol candles

For more than 200 years, the population living in these places has been using the plant as a sure remedy for health problems, including stimulation of potency, for colds.

Prostamol Uno, which is made from the fruits of the Sabal Serrulata palm tree, is not an independent drug – it is safe and effective dietary supplement (BAA), which is well tolerated and does not cause a negative effect on other human organs.

The main property of Sabal fruit extract is that it suppresses the action of the hormone that provokes the proliferation of glandular tissue cells of the prostate, reduces the severity of the symptoms of prostate adenoma.

Palm extract has pronounced antiseptic, tonic, anti-inflammatory and mild sedative properties.

Despite the fact that in each package Prostamol instructions for use is present, it can not be taken into account all the individual characteristics of the patient. People are different, each has its own susceptibility to the drug, the stage of the disease and symptoms are also of great importance.

Important! For treatment to be effective, it must be prescribed by a doctor. He knows about the properties of the drug, not only theoretically, but also in practice.

Useful video: Prostamol interview with an expert in urology


need to apply them for a long time. The first course lasts 30 days, after a short break, the doctor may prescribe one or more repeated ones.

Prostamol Uno requires strict compliance with testosterone cypionate all recommendations of the attending physician who prescribes dietary supplements, taking into account medical indications and the individual characteristics of the patient. With an independent change in the course of treatment, its quality decreases.

Method of application: candles are placed in a rectal hole before bedtime. It is recommended to perform the procedure at a specific time.

It was also noted that they are far from helping everyone (maximum 50% of patients reported improvement after long-term treatment). But if a stable result is achieved (the rate of urination is increased, the residual urine has decreased or has completely disappeared), treatment is stopped.

Prostamol only reduces the manifestations of adenoma without curing the disease itself and is most effective when used for prophylactic purposes.

If the symptoms of adenoma occur again, the patient is recommended to switch to a permanent dose of Prostamol. Since its main component is plant extract, long-term use does not cause serious damage to the internal organs – the liver, kidneys or stomach.

Contraindications and side effects

Candles Prostamol are absolutely safe and have virtually no negative effects. The use of herbal remedies may be contraindicated only to people with individual intolerance and hypersensitivity to Sabal palm fruit extract or auxiliary components of the drug. The instructions indicate what signs may appear (itching, burning, rash, etc.), and what should be done in such cases.

Prostamol Uno does not affect the hormones, perfectly combined with any means for the treatment of prostatitis, does not provoke a decrease or increase in blood pressure, does not violate the sexual function of men.

The extract does not affect the rate of human reaction, therefore during treatment allowed to drive vehicles, work with complex mechanisms and engage in activities requiring high concentration.

Candles or capsules?

  • Prostamol Uno – rectal suppositories (solid at room temperature), act more effectively and quickly on the prostate gland than capsules administered orally. Allergic reactions were not observed.
  • Prostamol capsules, if taken on an empty stomach or not taken with plenty of water, can provoke a feeling of heartburn and nausea, in some cases vomiting appears. In rare cases, patients complain of the appearance of allergic reactions in the form of itching, urticaria, up to angioedema.

Remember! If there is an individual intolerance, your doctor will advise other drugs of similar action.

Useful video: Prostamol – help with prostatitis or placebo?


Prostamol Uno is an effective drug of plant origin, gently acting on the diseased organ. It does not have a negative effect on the organs of the digestive tract – liver, stomach. There are problems with the prostate gland, it is worth trying this herbal medicine, but only after consulting a doctor, so as not to harm your health.