Buy Steroids in USA at a Low Price - Sports Nutrition for Weight Loss at Atlet-Shop

Buy Steroids in USA at a Low Price – Sports Nutrition for Weight Loss at Atlet-Shop

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Your main task when working “on drying” is to force the fat cell to separate from the fat depot — to transport it into the bloodstream — to deliver it through the bloodstream.

into the mitochondria of the muscle cell, where it will burn and give energy.

All fat burners are divided into 3 categories: lipotropics, thermogenics and adrenomimetics.


A prominent representative of this group is L-carnitine.

It directly affects adipose tissue, by splitting fatty acids and then helps to use fatty acids in energy exchange.

L-cartitin slightly stimulates the breakdown of fatty acids. The effectiveness of this product is not great, but it is 100% harmless.

Its features

1. does not give energy at all, because there is no caffeine in it.

2. gives much less fat burning effect, because it contains no ephedra, synephrine and yohimbine.

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This is the most common type of fat burner. In sports nutrition stores they occupy leading positions — and this is justified!

The thing is that thermogenics actually work and the result (minus 5-10kg) is noticeable after 1 month.

The principle of thermogenics is primarily to accelerate the metabolism, the fat cell is separated from the fat depot, enters the bloodstream, then through the blood it enters the

mitochondria of working muscles where it burns. By taking a capsule, your body raises body temperature to

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safe values, in this state, you spend more kcal than usual official source and, accordingly, lose weight better. This process occurs with a large release of energy and heat,

which in science is called thermogenesis. Hence the eponymous name “thermogenics”.

Buy Steroids in USA at a Low Price - Sports Nutrition for Weight Loss at Atlet-Shop

They also allow you not to feel hunger, this is especially true on a diet. You fill up with much smaller portions of food.


A prominent representative of this category are Steroids with ephedra, because by its effect on the body it imitates the hormone adrenaline

those. acts on the “Beta” and “Alpha” receptors, which in turn expands the lungs, relaxes the smooth muscles of the bronchi, increases blood flow, dilates the vessels of skeletal muscles

and much stronger than the previous 2 species stimulate the process of lipolysis.

The hormone adrenaline is produced during stressful situations, and its task is to give the body energy to overcome stress by

Useful properties of L-carnitine: improved metabolism, weight loss

actions on “Beta” receptors increase blood flow to important parts of the body, such as skeletal muscle, heart, brain, and increasing lung volume.

Adrenomimetics act on:

1) the pancreas: reduces insulin production in the body.

2) Betta 1 and 2 receptors in adipose tissue: they activate the action of the enzyme Lipase, which leads to the disintegration of the fat cell (triglycerol) on glycerol and free fatty acids.

As a consequence of this process, the concentration of free fatty acids in the blood increases, they are utilized in the process of training and you burn fat mass more efficiently.

The main tasks that solve Steroids

1) an increase how to get viagra in the concentration of transport molecules, carriers of fatty acids.

The dominant place here is occupied by L-carnitine, its main function is the transfer of fats to the cell’s energy stations – mitochondria,

where in the process of splitting a large amount of energy is released.

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2) appetite suppression. The less calories you consume with food, the greater the likelihood of achieving the basic rule of weight loss:

The daily amount of calories from food should not exceed the daily energy consumption. This is done by thermogenics and adrenomimetics.

3) acceleration of metabolism. The most effective Steroids work through increasing body temperature, increasing physical activity,

mood elevation, stimulation to the production of stress hormones such as adrenaline and norepinephrine. This is done by adrenomimetics.

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